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Arena 3.5.1

Arena 3.5.1 is available since 2015-12-20

small arrow Arena 3.5.1 ZIP (17 MB): Arena 3.5.1 with engines SOS 5.1, AnMon 5.75, Hermann 2.8, Ruffian 1.05, Rybka 2.3.2a free, Spike 1.4, book Perfect_2010 by Sedat Canbas, mini book Titus 2.4 (by Kevin Frayer), mini book Olympiad, PGN database from Olivier DEVILLE, EloStat 1.3, Gaviota 3-men tablebases, Speedtest 1.0.2, flags, fonts, graphics, help files, without setup program.

small arrow Arena 3.5.1 setup (16 MB): Arena 3.5.1 setup includes everything from the ZIP plus engines Nejmet 3.07 and Dragon 4.6 plus move announcements.

This is mainly a bugfix release. Most important changes compared to last public version 3.5.1:

  • Issues with large fonts or large caption bars fixed (Engine Management, Search)
  • Dual monitor support improved: Maximizing to secondary monitor now works
  • Tournament with ponder on does no longer halt if engine is resigning
  • Tournament with ponder on: Arena book moves during pondering no longer lead to game abort
  • Tournament with ponder on: Possible truncated principal variations and invalid moveerror messages in log removed
  • Arena restarts in tournaments now always after at 20 games or less
  • Tournament dialogue: Set filenames button takes path of .at-file into account
  • Linux/Mac: Wine support improved: Redrawing is now clean
  • Scroll Mainlines horizontally with Shift+Ctrl+Mousewheel
  • Gaviota tablebase engine updated
  • engines.ini updated
  • Rare castling bug in Chess 960 removed: If a rook is captured and then replaced by the other rook, it was falsely allowed to castle
  • Variation board: Engine's refutation moves now correctly marked in list
  • Variation board: Mouse wheel now always goes through moves, shift+mouse wheel scrolls list
  • DGT: Move display on DGT clock time was too short in some cases
  • DGT board: If position on DGT board is the same as in Arena, you can continue game, the board is not automatically cleared
  • Marks with very thick frames on board can no longer exceed square
  • Optimizations for very small board sizes


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